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With more than 7 years of experience in providing outsourcing services, we have become a trusted partner for companies in various sectors. Human resource productivity is our special concern for the best service to our work partners

More Productive More Prosperous

Increase your company's productivity with us

Together with PT. Asta Nadi Karya Utama, you will get trusted services to meet your company’s workforce needs

We are committed to helping you achieve success by providing a reliable and well-trained workforce.

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How We Work

Forms of Cooperation Offered

Asta Corporate as a provider and manager of labor always improves itself and strives to serve all work partners with maximum service and provides several forms of cooperation in recruiting experienced workers to be placed in various industrial fields.

New Workforce Provider

With a professional team, we recruit the best talents screened through educational background, work experience and thorough background checks to maintain good quality employees for clients.

HR Take Over System

With an HR take over system, the HR department can be more efficient in carrying out their duties to support your company’s success. Ensure the quality of human resources is better than before

Replacement Workforce

We provide reliable replacement workers to fill vacancies in your company. With these various types of collaboration, we are ready to help you achieve success in managing your company’s workforce.

our technology

Supported With HRIS System

Our reporting and attendance system was created to obtain data that has a high level of accuracy, so that we can present reports quickly and accurately according to your needs.

New Power Provider

Management of employee absences and attendance with the GPS feature and self-portraits will make attendance data more accurate.

Operational Process

The information system can facilitate management to process overtime, THR, leave, payroll and personnel incentives quickly and accurately


The information system can certainly help print and create monthly and daily reports that can be exported to Excel

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Entrust the needs and management of your workforce services to us.
With experience and dedication, we are very confident and ready to provide the best service for your company. To join, contact us now.


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PT. Asta Nadi Karya Utama is a a company engaged in the provision of services and management of workforce (outsourcing service),

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