Prioritising the safety of your people and places

Our security services are key to creating a welcoming and productive environment. With smart solutions that meet today’s high standards, we ensure that people and places are safe – and customers have peace of mind. Safety & security is our priority.

Protecting People and Places

Our custom security services play a vital role in strengthening teams, with our professional and trained team, we ensure that your properties and assets remain secure.

Workplace More Welcoming

A safe workplace atmosphere depends on employee activity. Safe and welcoming work spaces have been proven to build trust and confidence, encourage productivity, and prevent problems or accidents.

Safety Workplace

Workplace safety is critical, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and reliable security to ensure your workplace is safe and comfortable. Create your experience with us, ASTA is always ready for completed your business. 

Best Experience For You

We are committed to providing the best experience for your team’s work atmosphere. With our experienced and professional team, your security and safety creates a wonderful experience for us. Maintain a Secure Working Environment with Asta Security

Asta Security Service

A strong, robust security culture is key to helping production workers perform at their best. Asta Security Services is a trusted security partner prepared to offer the best security solutions for you.

Join with ASTA

Entrust the needs and management of your workforce services to us.
With experience and dedication, we are very confident and ready to provide the best service for your company. To join, contact us now.

OUR services

Safeguarding Your Reputation and Safety

Working together, we tailor smart security solutions that suit your business needs, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Guarding Security

Dedicated and highly trained security officers – from our own ranks or from partner security providers – can help you strengthen your operations and build safer, more secure premises. Your security gives us wholehearted duties and responsibilities.


Your peace of mind in doing work can influence your activity and priorities at work. Our surveillance services cover large, complex sites, so you can stay informed 24/7, 365 days a year.

Service Excellent

The service of our officers gives you an experience that will be stored as an extraordinary experience. This service training has gone through training that is in accordance with excellent service standards for security members.

Technical Emergency

The speed of handling emergencies at your workplace has been mastered according to procedures by all our officers. Experience the best security and experience as well as the speed of service from our officers in the field.

Consulting Services

We specialize in creating a strong security foundation. Leveraging industry knowledge and strong partnerships with leading security providers, we will help you plan and execute a strategy tailored to your business.

Work Safety

Keeping employees safe, healthy and productive is a top priority in any workplace. Through education, training and safety awareness, our corporate safety services can help reduce workplace accidents and injuries, thereby improving the quality of life for your employees.

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