Asta has committed to the Indonesian government

We provide specialized services and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of government agencies. From security to facility management, we support the smooth operation of government organizations.

Our Business in Government







Scattered all over Bali

The Bali Provincial Government Security Guards that we manage are spread over more than 20 regions in 8 districts of the Bali Province, which include :

Pemprov bali

bkpsdm kota denpasar

sekretariat denpasar

Bpd kota denpasar

dinas perdagangan kab. gianyar

dinas pertanian kabupaten gianyar

dinas koperasi & umkm klungkung

badan statistik kabupaten & prov bali

balai besar pom denpasar

dinas kearsipan denpasar

sekretariat kab. buleleng

loka pom buleleng

balai diklat industri

balai diklat keagamaan

1000+ workers in government

To optimize personnel performance, we carry out a refreshment program for all personnel to create and improve the attitude and mental preparedness of personnel in serving for protect your company’s assets.

Support Stories

Asta Cleaning

Need a reliable driver? Our experienced drivers are available to provide transportation services for your business needs. Asta has managed more than 500 reliable drivers of various vehicles

Asta Security Service

Our security services include manned guarding, access control, CCTV surveillance, and risk assessment. We prioritize the safety and protection of your premises and assets. Safety is our top priority, and we are committed to safeguarding your employees and workplace environment.

Our Strength

Labor is a very important resource asset for the business world or a company, because it is one of the means of production or driving force of a business run by the company.

people make places

15,000+ people

500+ clients

1,700+ employes

PT. Asta Nadi Karya Utama is a a company engaged in the provision of services and management of workforce (outsourcing service),

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