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Connecting people and places with technology

Working with customers day in and day out, side by side, we understand every aspect of the user experience. Every activity and work is always integrated with sophisticated supporting technology and recorded systematically and clearly for collective progress

About asta

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Labor is a very important resource asset for the business world or a company, because it is one of the means of production or driving force of a business run by the company.
However, a large element of cost and risk is provided by the labor sector, so that when business performance declines, the costs of this sector are not easy to reduce unless you take action to terminate employment relations. Layoffs are not a cheap alternative, because the social impacts caused are quite expensive. Therefore, Human Resources management needs to be the company’s main concern.

About asta

With more than 7 years of experience in providing outsourcing services, we have become a trusted partner for companies in various sectors. Human resource productivity is our special concern for the best service to our work partners. Here are some of what we offer you : 

About asta

About Our Company & Culture

Vision Company​

“The best human resources services in Indonesia which are the man choice in increasing company productivity and welfare of human resources”

Mission Company

  • Providing qualified and potential human resources.
  • Regular training to improve the skills and competence of managed human resources.
  • Develop a digital-based management system.
  • Develop employee welfare programs.

Our History

Asta Nadi Karya Utama is a human resource management services company that started as a training institution and continues to grow to become the largest HR manager in Bali

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Entrust the needs and management of your workforce services to us.
With experience and dedication, we are very confident and ready to provide the best service for your company. To join, contact us now.

About asta

Our Places and Location

With 30+ workforce managed by ASTA spread across various regions in Indonesia
Our head office is located in Denpasar Bali.

people make places

15,000+ people

500+ clients

1,700+ employes

PT. Asta Nadi Karya Utama is a a company engaged in the provision of services and management of workforce (outsourcing service),

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