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ASTA Facility Services puts safety, health, and hygiene first

We offer professional cleaning services for commercial spaces, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your employees and customers. With results that reach each facility user, through smart technology, best-in-class products, and expertly trained people, ASTA provides peace of mind and helps clients shape strong, reputable facilities.

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Cleaning is at the heart of a quality solution. As a global business delivering cleaning services at the frontline, we offer clients extensive strategic, tactical, and operational know-how.

Safety Employe

Clean and safe facilities keep people healthy and happy. Whether indoors or outdoors, a clean space makes visitors feel comfortable, makes people feel welcome, and strengthens your reputation.

Experience For You

We provide the best experience and play an important role in creating a positive and productive work environment for facility users—ensuring people feel safe and can focus on achieving your business goals.

Cleaning Health

Support patients and their families on their journey to recovery in a clean and safe hospital environment. With wellness services and medical equipment cleaning, our trained personnel personally help your patients recover quickly. Your health is our priority service staff.

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We offer professional cleaning services for commercial spaces, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your employees and customers.

Polite Officers

Professional cleaning service companies will pay special attention to aspects of personality and work ethics when recruiting new employees. Their existence is not only as workers, but also as part of a community that cares about the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.

Understanding Cleanliness

Cleanliness can help maintain a healthy body, because it can prevent the spread of germs and disease. Germs can breed in dirty and damp environments. Therefore, it is important to maintain a clean environment, whether at home, office or public places

Service Excellent

Our concierge service gives you an experience that will be kept as an extraordinary one. This service training has gone through training that is in accordance with excellent service standards for cleaning members.

Clean Is The First

Cleanliness is an important thing to maintain, both for personal hygiene, the surrounding environment and the place where you live. Cleanliness has many benefits, both for health, comfort and beauty.

Increased Productivity

Creating a positive and conducive work environment. Cleaners need to feel comfortable and motivated to work. A positive and conducive work environment can help cleaners work more productively.

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PT. Asta Nadi Karya Utama is a a company engaged in the provision of services and management of workforce (outsourcing service),

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