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PT Asta Nadi Karya Utama Helps Hundreds of Hajj Pilgrims Depart Safely and Smoothly in Lombok

PT Asta Nadi Karya Utama: Assisting with Hajj Departures at Lombok Airport

Every year, millions of Muslims from all over the world intend to perform the Hajj pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Departing for the Hajj is an important moment in a Muslim’s life, where they hope to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam solemnly and holy. To ensure a smooth and safe departure process for Hajj pilgrims, many organizations and companies are taking part in supporting the implementation of this pilgrimage. One of them is PT Asta Nadi Karya Utama, which plays an important role in the departure of the Hajj at Lombok Airport.

PT Asta Nadi Karya Utama (ANKU) is a company operating in the services and logistics sector. They have long been committed to assisting the government and related institutions in organizing and providing the services necessary for a safe and comfortable Hajj departure process. One of the important locations served by ANKU is Lombok International Airport, which is the departure gate for Hajj pilgrims from Eastern Indonesia.

As part of the preparations for the Hajj departure, PT Asta Nadi Karya Utama is involved in various important activities. One of their main responsibilities is to coordinate the transportation of Hajj pilgrims from various regions in Indonesia to Lombok Airport. This includes providing comfortable and safe buses to transport Hajj pilgrims and their luggage. ANKU is also responsible for arranging bus departure schedules to match the congregation’s flight schedule.

Apart from that, ANKU is also tasked with providing experienced and trained officers to assist Hajj pilgrims during the check-in process at Lombok Airport. They ensure that each pilgrim has the documents and other necessary equipment before entering the departure area. ANKU officers also assist in the baggage checking process and provide necessary information to Hajj pilgrims.

During the Hajj departure process at Lombok Airport, ANKU collaborates with local authorities, such as airport authorities and airlines, to ensure departures run smoothly. They also play a role in ensuring the safety and security of Hajj pilgrims as well as coordinating with related parties if an emergency situation or schedule change occurs.

Not only in departures, PT Asta Nadi Karya Utama is also involved in the process of returning Hajj pilgrims from Lombok Airport after completing the Hajj pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

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